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Happy new year !
New menu coming Feb 1

tue / 4 - 8
wed / 4 - 8
thurs / 11 - 8
fri / 11 - 9
sat / 11 - 9
sun / 11 - 8

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york mills rd.

pharmacy ave.

 spadina ave.

avenue rd.

Free delivery ($20 minimum) using the link above

We use our own drivers for third party deliveries, so time estimates on your app will not be accurate

100% of tips go directly to our drivers

bloor  st.

gerrard st. e.

10 INCH PIZZA (SMALL)                   $ 10 - 12 + tax  (4 slices, feeds 1)
14 INCH PIZZA (MED)                       
$ 20 - 22 + tax (8 slices, feeds 2)

18 INCH PIZZA (XL)                          $ 26 - 32 + tax (12 slices, feeds 4)


pepperoni mozza, pepperoni

hawaiian mozza, ham, red onion, pineapple, banana pepper

deluxe mozza, crumbled pepperoni, red onion, green pepper, mushroom

meat mozza, ground beef, bratwurst sausage, pulled pork

cheese mozza, cheddar

canadian mozza, cheddar, crumbled pepperoni, mushroom, bacon

super pep mozza, cheddar, pepperoni, crumbled pepperoni



cowspiracy white sauce, emmental cheese, brisket, red onion, jalapeno, barbecue sauce

bay of pigs white sauce, mozza, pulled pork, bacon, red onion, pickles, mustard sauce

tour de france white sauce, emmental cheese, cheddar, beef fat onions, balsamic goo


mk ultrahot mozza, chorizo sausage, green pepper, banana pepper, jalapeno

dino bones mozza, provolone, bratwurst sausage, ground beef, red onion, oregano

roswell mozza, cheddar, ground beef, pulled pork, black olive, jalapeno, tomato, fritos, cilantro sour cream

halifax mozza, ground beef, crumbled pepperoni, red onion, tomato, donair sauce

chupacabra mozza, manchego cheese, chorizo sausage, red onion, mushroom


grassy knoll mozza, mushrooms, kale, parmesan

government cheese mozza, cheddar, emmental, provolone, manchego, oregano

cheese mozza, cheddar

difunta correa garlic oil base, mozza, provolone, red onion, parm, oregano  


chili + lime roasted chicken wings 10 pieces (choice of sauce on side)

$ 14

cesar salad romaine lettuce, bacon, croutons, parmesan, creamy garlic dressing

taco salad romaine lettuce, red onion, black olive, jalapeno, tomato fritos, cilantro lime dressing

$ 12

dipping sauce mustard sauce, barbecue sauce, wikiheats hot sauce, illuminhotti hot sauce, cilantro sour cream, creamy garlic, donair sauce

$ 1.50


nafsika's garden vegan mozzarella cheese

house made vegan sausage (chorizo flavour)
gluten free (available in small and medium size for an additional fee)


10 inch frozen pizzas

Cheese, gluten free cheese, pepperoni, chupacabra, hawaiian, grassy knoll, deluxe, dino bones, meat, canadian

$ 9 - 10

Reheat pizzas from frozen at 425 f in middle rack of oven for 7 - 10 minutes. For best results use a pizza stone

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